Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Yesterday, Chamblee was able to meet her great-grandfather in Clemson. Being named after his wife, this was a special moment for our family. Tiger Paw (our nickname for her great-granddaddy) was clearly happy and proud as he held her little frame in his arms. I was a proud mama too- excited that I could give this moment to him. And THRILLED that my daughter gets to carry the name of such a spicy, beautiful soul.
                                                           Love Tiger Paw's face here!

After we left his house, we stopped by Mema's gravestone to visit. I snapped a quick picture of Chamblee's namesake, the "C" being for Chamblee.
On the way home, I glanced back at the pics that I had taken. You know what I love? That the date of Mema's death cannot be seen in this picture. I did not touch the flowers there or rearrange at all. Our physical bodies might expire but our souls live on in remarkable ways. Looking at this picture, it felt as if God wanted us to see that her spirit lives on. And it lives on inside of my DAUGHTER!

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